🤔 Why Oracle Cerner?

September 28, 2023

🤯 What the…

Why on earth would a tech company support only one major vendor?

Well. Calvient has evolved quickly.

Last year we saw an incredible amount of growth. But we also have a lot that we are trying to learn from our customers.

We want to be actually helpful. Not just say we are. And this move presents an opportunity.

There are many key problems that make new software solutions IMPOSSIBLE to provide real value to hospital staff and clinicians. But here are a few of our principles.

👩‍⚕️Clinicians need solutions in their EXISTING workflows.

The number one reason Cerner's ecosystem is the best is because we can embed workflows right there into PowerChart - the primary interface for the majority of Oracle Cerner users.

That means:

  • ✅ no opening new windows.
  • ✅ no remembering separate logins.
  • ✅ no clunky work flows between multiple systems.
  • ✅ no losing your patient/worklist context.

And best of all? Our platform's value gets delivered to you directly.

Want to see cancellations?

Want to listen to how the call sounded?

Want to initiate chat with another clinician or staff member?

Well, through Oracle Cerner's MPage technology, we can do all those things without leaving the patient's chart. Here's an early pilot example of what is now Channels Secure Chat (our chat-style communication module).

🔌 Hospitals Need Adaptability. And Interoperability === Adaptability

Interoperability remains an important north star for healthcare technology. So while many vendors pay lip service, Cerner provides tools.

A wise entrepreneur once said "The future belongs to the adaptable.". This can't be more true than now, in the age of pandemics, AI, and increasing challenges to healthcare.

This has been true for a long time, but now more than ever new technology shifts and ever-evolving market forces impact us daily.

Best of All? That gives us EXTREME power over your implementation.

Because Cerner's tooling gives us the capabilities we need, we can get a client up-and-running on one of our products for free and in one week.

Let me repeat:

…we can get a client up-and-running on one of our products for free and in one week

Hospitals need to adapt quickly. Slow, risky implementations can be a killer to a healthcare organization.

We can even provide a free analysis to help you de-risk purchasing our product. This is thanks to the Oracle Cerner platform.

💪 Still a Force

Cerner is still a major giant in the EHR landscape, holding about 24% marketshare of a space growing to over $33 billion by 2027.

This is not to pitch a business model, but to demonstrate that Cerner is a major player in the market with immense resources. With the Oracle acquisition last year, we anticipate major moves by the company that will benefit users.

This quote - attributed to Mark Twain - seems appropriate here:

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

We are convinced you can still impact the fact of healthcare by being specialized. That’s what we intend to do on behalf of our customers.

💡 A No-Brainer

We believe innovation happens most effectively at the margins.

For Calvient, we would rather focus on users we can impact with flexible, incremental changes.

Because we have some of the best Cerner talent and expertise, we want to leverage that. And the benefits it provides us.

👋 Let us get to know you!

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We want to get to know you and the problems your facing.