Meet Channels:
The Next Generation Patient Engagement Platform

Free your staff from mundane tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Simplify every visit.

Channels offers tools that simplify every touchpoint of the patient journey, so you can focus on delivering excellent care.

The Channels Process

Explore our features.

Take a look at how Channels can revolutionize your front and back office operations.


Online Scheduling

Book appointments anytime and anywhere.

Greater convenience, time savings, and control for patients means you’re not playing phone tag and can improve your slot utilization through impressively optimized time management.

Convenient and accessible.
Improved patient experience.
Improved slot utilization.
Analytics and reporting.

Insurance Verification

Take the hassle out of verifying benefits.

Run eligibility automatically or on demand. The information synchronizes to our system, allowing you to quickly check all patient benefits across the whole schedule for the day.

Runs automatically or on demand.
Quickly check benefits for multiple patients across the schedule.
No extra contracting required.

Online Paperwork

Let patients complete all of their forms, online and from home.

Online registration simplifies your administrative processes, enhances patient satisfaction, and enables patients to take a more active role in managing their healthcare.

Create unlimited forms, and make unlimited customizations.
Upload insurance cards and other documentation.
Signed forms post directly into your EHR.
Capture patient's signature electronically.

Automatic Reminders

Reminder reportReport card
Stay on track with Reminders

Our appointment reminders product will call, text, and email your patients reminding them of their appointment.

Automatically sync with Cerner
Patients can confirm, reschedule, or cancel
Unlimited message templates
Access to analytics dashboard
Access to follow-up MPage

Online Bill Pay

Report cardReminder report
Simplify co-pay and balance collection.

Collect payments with our secure, online payment tools.

Capture co-pay up front.
Send balance SMS to patients to pay at anytime.
Patients can see balances online.

Post Visit Surveys

Report card
Capture patient surveys in real-time.

After the visit, send patients post-visit surveys and see them answer in real-time.

Send unlimited surveys.
View responses in real-time with analytics dashboard.
Export all response data for advanced analytics.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Sample SMS notificationSending SMS notification
Securely send SMS and email directly to patients.

Need to cancel clinic? Want to delay opening due to bad weather? Foster better patient-doctor relationships and ensure users receive crucial information exactly when they need it.

Broadcast messages to multiple patients at once.
Send individual SMS messages to patients, and see their reply instantly.
No additional charge!

Waitlist Management

Sending SMS notification
Allow patients to manage their own appointments.

Want to get in sooner? Easy. Want to reschedule? Done. Want to send an SMS to patients so they can book their own follow-up? That's on us too.

Give patients 24/7 access to a secure management portal.
Automatically fill openings with patients on the waitlist.
Allow patients to request to reschedule or cancel, without calling.
Data icon

Actionable Data

A powerful tool for progress and growth

With actionable data, your PI initiatives just got way easier. And with our dashboards, you can target specific providers and locations to drive down your no-show rate.

Track critical volumes over time, including no-show and confirmation rate
Quickly visual system health
See locations and providers that cause high no-show and cancellation rates
All in One Package
The streamlined turn-key solution which includes all available features.
Appointment reminders
Online registration
Self scheduling
Automated waitlist
Online bill pay
Patient Surveys
Fax Management