Customized Development

We excel in the intricate and challenging art of solution crafting, yielding results that include tailored products, custom solutions, enduring customer relationships, and a formidable arsenal for our future endeavors.


AI has the power to transform healthcare, especially since healthcare is known for having some intense complexity.We can automate complex processes, including the creation of custom chatbots or other AI tools. We have experience working with Large Language Models (LLMs), compliant OpenAI integration (GPT models),  and underlying technologies, like vector databases.

Custom MPage/CCL development

Cerner's ecosystem provides a powerful platform for effective solutions. With MPages and CCL, we can accomplish a level of integration that is unparalleled in healthcare. With our expertise, Cerner organizations have the power to solve almost any operational challenge with low implementation friction.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications play a pivotal role in improving patient engagement, self-care, and overall healthcare experiences by putting essential health-related tools and information at patients' fingertips. And by working with Calvient, we can build your app in a single codebade then deploy it to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Web Applications

The web delivers value globally and immediately.Our ability to build secure web applications at scale with beautiful user interfaces is a strategic advantage for healthcare and enterprise software.This is a testament to our commitment to delivering both functionality and a superior user experience while prioritizing data security.


FHIR is the future of interoperability. It is the answer for breaking open healthcare data from silos to connected systems.Calvient are forerunners in interoperability technology and have the expertise to embed, integrate, and securely authorize your application with FHIR APIs or a SMART on FHIR application.

Advisory Services

All good software is built on processes focused on the right problem.As engineers, we help clients not only with the build, but also in diagnosing and understanding the root of the problems.Use Calvient, to identify high ROI, technology impacting workflows to unlock value in your stickiest problem spaces.