Why Calvient Is Tackling Referral Management

Calvient is revolutionizing the referral process in healthcare by automating and integrating referral management, enhancing communication, improving data management and analytics, and focusing on user-friendly design, to address the inefficiencies and complexities of traditional methods.

A Patient-First Mentality Is a Mistake

Calvient emphasizes the importance of supporting healthcare providers first, arguing that technology should enhance, not replace, the provider-patient relationship, and critiques the messiah complex of healthcare tech vendors who overstate their impact on healthcare delivery. Their mission is to simplify practitioners' lives through technology, ensuring tools and services align with the needs of both providers and patients to improve care delivery.

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Calvient Launches Spanish and French Canadian Support on Channels

Calvient introduces Spanish and French Canadian language support to its Channels platform, enhancing accessibility and user experience for a diverse patient base.

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💪 YOU CAN Reduce Your No-Show Rate

Calvient Channels transforms healthcare clinics by effectively managing no-show rates through direct, multilingual communication, real-time insights, efficient rescheduling, and comprehensive analytics, enhancing patient engagement and operational efficiency.

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Healthcare's Thousand Little Fixes: A Playbook for Change

The article likens American football strategies to healthcare reform, suggesting small, consistent improvements and automation of routine tasks can enhance patient care, urging healthcare administrators to focus on incremental changes.

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Healthcare tech has a major shipping problem.

The leadership team at Calvient, with experience in both SaaS and healthcare IT, criticizes healthcare tech companies for their slow and costly software development, challenges the industry's resistance to modern tech practices, and emphasizes the urgency to deliver value to patients.

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💰How One Week Can Save Your Hospital Millions

With the industry mean of no-show being 18% it is a clear starting place for solving real, acute problems for healthcare systems: winning lost revenue.

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