Report Card Time: Grading Your Healthcare Website’s Digital Front Door

Calvient's Digital Front Door Report Card helps healthcare providers evaluate and improve their online patient engagement and accessibility, ensuring a seamless digital experience for patients.

Millennials Are Turning 40, and Your Practice May Not Be Ready

This blog post highlights the importance for healthcare practices to adapt to the digital expectations of Millennials, who are now turning 40, to remain competitive and relevant in the evolving healthcare landscape.

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No Shows Are a Silent Killer

No-shows in healthcare significantly harm both patients and providers by missing crucial care opportunities and causing financial and operational inefficiencies, but Calvient’s patient engagement solutions can mitigate these issues, ensuring better patient care and optimized practice operations.

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Your Google Star Rating Matters ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Your Google star rating is crucial for attracting new patients, and Calvient Channels can help you proactively manage and improve your online reviews to ensure your reputation reflects the quality of care you provide.

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You (Probably) Have a Loss to Follow-Up Problem

Loss to follow-up in healthcare is a pervasive issue that significantly impacts patient outcomes and the financial health of organizations, but innovative solutions like Calvient’s Channels platform can effectively address this challenge by improving patient engagement and care coordination.

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Why the eFax Era Has Ended

The era of eFax has ended, as advancements in AI-powered fax processing, like Calvient's Practice Inbox, now provide efficient, searchable, and automated solutions for managing medical records.

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A Patient-First Mentality Is a Mistake

Calvient emphasizes the importance of supporting healthcare providers first, arguing that technology should enhance, not replace, the provider-patient relationship, and critiques the messiah complex of healthcare tech vendors who overstate their impact on healthcare delivery. Their mission is to simplify practitioners' lives through technology, ensuring tools and services align with the needs of both providers and patients to improve care delivery.

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